NEW YORK INTERIORS Pictorial, photographic and cinematic perspectives of Pietro Reviglio

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A critical essay by Roberto Mastroianni (la traduzione inglese del saggio critico di accompagnamento alla retrospettiva torinese di Pietro Reviglio presso la Fusion Art Gallery).

ny interiors

From the logic of the scientific discovery to the logic of the artistic discovery.

“Astonishment” and “wonder” generate knowledge: they are feelings, emotions, passions that lead human beings to research, presiding over their organized cognitive knowledge like two tutelary deities since the times of Plato and Aristotle. The two philosophers were the first to recognize in these two moods the force that leads us to philosophical interrogation and, subsequently, to scientific research. Such realization marked the beginning of the history of Western thought and contemporary sciences. Classical philosophy provided us with an investigation of reality rooted in the astonishment for reality and for the laws governing the way it functions and transforms: “wonder” is a feeling that generates questions on “why” and “how” things happen and, at the same time, an emotion coming from finding answers to such questions. “Astonishment”, on the other hand, is the feeling that the “human animal” experiences when reality poses questions and we find answers capable of putting order in the exterior and interior chaos. At the same time, it is the feeling that human beings experience when they discover that the apparent nonsense of reality has meaning and significance and there is a logic which leads, organizes and moves reality.
”Astonishment” and “wonder” are only one side of the coin nonetheless: on the other side we find “disquiet” and “anguish”. The hard work of living is confined inside the horizon delimited by these opposite feelings and consists in giving sense and significance to the nonsense of reality by means of structured narratives.
The sciences, just like the arts, try to find meaning and significance in every thing that exists inside and outside us. The logic of the scientific and philosophical discovery (the observation and the narration of the laws presiding over the human and non-human reality) and the logic of art and technical disciplines (which shape this reality by representing and transforming it) seem to be at odds, but they are instead complementary, because they both deal with the dark depths of anguish and disquiet hidden behind astonishment and wonder. Some artists realize, consciously or unconsciously, that science and art are human practices sharing greater similarities than it seems at a first sight and, with their work, they try to connect knowledge with expression and analytical observation with production of emotional narrativity. Pietro Reviglio is among them: he is a man of science (an astrophysicist) but he is at the same time an artist. For this reason he is capable of combining the eye of the researcher with the eye of the creator.

Cinematography of Urban Madness. Le fotografie di Pietro Reviglio a New York

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Cinematography of Urban Madness è la mostra fotografica di Pietro Reviglio, un giovane artista torinese che seguo da tempo, la mostra è visitabile dal 6 aprile al 3 maggio nelle sale della Italian Academy a New York. Dopo essere stata allestita nella galleria Weber & Weber Arte Contemporanea di Torino, la mostra presenta gli scatti del fotografo torinese: una New York dalle atmosfere noir tra finzione cinematografica e spunti autobiografici. L’esposizione è aperta dal lunedì al venerdì dalle 9.30 alle 16.30.